Hola señorita ?, we're the new kid on the block. Our aim is to keep things simple. You know — making chocolate with fewer, minimally processed ingredients, allowing you to experience the actual taste of chocolate.

We take pride in making delicious, creative chocolates based on the principles of doing good for you, the people we work with and the environment.

Vegan chocolate on display.

Take a bite and you’ll be surprised that you suddenly wanna dance.

Let’s just take a moment and take a look at these products of ours. Feel the music. From the best quality cacao beans and unrefined sugar, all the way to social responsible production, hand-sprinkled ingredients and vibrant colours, biting Choco & Things truly feels like a melody inside your head. So. Be the party! ??

probably you after a bite

Raw Chocolate

Wild? Organic? Unroasted? Cold-ground? What does that mean? Raw chocolate is all of the above and more. Unlike others, it fuels you with that extra amount of vitamin love and nutrients.

raw cacao solids

Coconut Blossom Sugar

This natural sweetener is the pick-me-up you need in your life, because it prevents your blood sugar level from spiking. Life-changing, right? Plus, it’s nice that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has declared coconut blossom sugar as the most sustainable sugar.

Biodegradable Foil

Our foil is kinda special. It innocently disappears in your green bin. Which means you can create more magic at home than Harry Potter.

Made by hand

Every time we visit our factory — a sheltered workshop — in the Netherlands we’re touched by the effort and passion they put into our vegan chocolate. They’re even hand sprinkling the ingredients much like salt through Salt Bae’s fingers ?So none are alike.

Vegan chocolate stacked.

More than just vegan chocolate

We made all our vegan chocolate bars dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free. ‘Cause we think in the way of enjoying chocolate for everyone, and not as a restriction for the few. So don’t worry about taking a bite: we got your back ???

Vegan chocolate ingredient list.

This is how we rock

We’re a different chocolate brand doing many things our own way, like crushing unroasted cacao beans. Plus we’re continuously innovating the chocolates — from design, colour and materials, to production and quality as well as putting some taste buds to the test. And yes, we even took a veeeery long flight to find the best quality cacao beans ✈️?

Vegan chocolate being made.
the moment when you realise that there are toooo many steps left to reach heaven ?
Vegan chocolate: raw cacao.
Vegan chocolate on raw cacao beans.
Vegan chocolate being admired.
He said: “Amigo, words can’t express how intensely jealous people will be that we will take a bite from this raw chocolate bar”. . . or something like that ?
Vegan chocolate being made.
Don’t stare too long it’s seriously hypnotizing ??
Vegan chocolate being made.
Vegan chocolate being made.
Vegan chocolate being made.
Vegan chocolate being packed. Vegan chocolate packing design.